Norwegian Air Baggage Fees & Policy [2020 UPDATE]

Norwegian Air is the national Airline of Norway and is one of the most famous Scandinavian airlines. It provides its services to thousands of passengers every week and connects popular destinations in Norway to many major cities across Europe and the World. Like every Airline, Norwegian Air has restrictions regarding hand luggage as well as check-in luggage. These points are essential for all passengers to know so that they have a clear idea about how much luggage they are allowed to bring on board while traveling.

Norwegian Air Baggage Fees

Norwegian Air Baggage Fees

Hand Baggage

Norwegian Air provides different hand baggage allowances for various ticket types such as Lowfare, Lowfare+, Flex, and Premium. Following are the hand baggage allowances for the different ticket classes:

  • Low-fare: If you are a Low fare ticket holder, you are allowed to bring onboard one hand baggage that can be stored under the seat in front. It should be no more than 10kg in weight and within the dimensions of 30cm X 20cm X 38cm.
  • Low-fare+: Lowfare+ ticket holders are allowed to bring onboard one under seat hand baggage and one additional hand luggage, which is to be stored in the overhead compartment. The combined weight of your hand baggage should be within 10kgs.
  • Flex and Premium Flex: The Flex and PremiumFlex passengers are allowed to carry one under the seat and one overhead hand luggage, with the combined weight of both being within 15kgs.

In addition to these allowances, all passengers are allowed to carry one airport shopping bad. Hand baggage should always be used to carry handy critical items such as documents and medicines, so they are easily accessible.

Additional charges: Lowfare passengers can book an additional overhead hand baggage slot in Norwegian Air flights for minimal cost. Prices range from 5-9 EUR.

In the event of your hand baggage exceeds the allowed weight, you are liable to be charged at a ‘per leg’ basis, and the excess hand baggage is to be transferred to the luggage hold.

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage is the baggage that is stored in the cargo hold of the plane after you check-in. Like hand baggage, checked baggage also has different allowances based on the class of ticket that you have purchased. The basic checked luggage allowances for various classes are as follows:

  • Low-fare: No extra checked baggage is included with the base fare. If you want to carry checked luggage for your trip, you will have to purchase a slot for your baggage before checking in.
  • Lowfare+: A Lowfare+ ticket allows you to check-in 1 baggage up to 23kgs in weight.
  • Flex, Premium, Premium Flex: All three classes of the premium tier tickets will enable travelers to check-in 2 pieces of luggage, with a combined weight of 46kgs.
  • In long-distance Haul flights, these same baggage allowances are applicable.

There are a specific size and weight limitations for check-in luggage as well. Each bag cannot be more massive than 32kgs, or lighter than 2kgs. In addition to this, the total weight of the check-in luggage should not exceed 64kgs. When it comes to dimensions, check-in luggage has to be within the dimensions of 250 x 79 x 112 Cm. For round or spherical baggage, the maximum allowed circumference is 300cm.

Charges for extra check-in baggage: excess charges become available when the total number of check-in luggage exceeds the 2 item baggage limit, or the total weight allowance limit. The extra charges levied are 12 EUR per extra kilo, per leg.

Booking extra luggage space: one can save up to 50% by booking extra baggage space before check-in, in case they have to carry excess baggage. Adding extra baggage space to your existing allocation can be done up to 4 hours before departure. It allows you to carry your extra baggage at heavily discounted prices.

Baggage Allowances For Children (2-11 Years) And Infants (Under 2 Years)

Special mention needs to be provided for baggage allocation for minors.

  • Hand Baggage Allowance For Infants: Infants do not have any additional hand baggage to carry on board. Parents are allowed to carry a reasonable amount of baby food on board.
  • Check-In Baggage Allowance For Infants: Check-in baggage allowance for infants includes a total of 5 kgs of baggage. This can be carried in your bag, or separately in a different bag for the infant. This also includes the provision to carry one car seat or stroller.
  • Hand Baggage And Carry-On Baggage Allowance For Children: The amount of hand luggage and carry-on luggage that can be carried on board by children depends on the ticket type, just like adults.

Restricted Items In Baggage

Certain restricted items are not allowed onboard the plane or in the carry on baggage. There are also certain restrictions on the amount of liquid that can be carried onboard for safety purposes.

  • Carrying Liquid: A maximum of 100ml of liquid per container is allowed to be brought on board.
  • Baby goods and medicines with valid medical certificates or prescriptions are allowed to be carried on board.
  • Powder like substances over 300ml is not allowed to be carried on board. Exceptions to this limit include medically-prescribed powder-like materials such as baby formula food. However, one can carry any amount of powdered substances in sealed containers or check-in luggage.
  • Any form of firearms, explosives, or explosive devices is strictly prohibited from being carried on board.
  • Any sharp objects are also strictly prohibited.
  • A detailed list of all prohibited items can be found on the Norwegian Air website.

Booking Extra Baggage

Extra baggage can be added to your existing booking at up to 50% discounted prices. This can be done up to 4 hours before departure, from the website of Norwegian Air. The website also provides details regarding charges for extra luggage so that travelers have no problem booking the correct amount of luggage.

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