Air Canada Baggage Fees & Policy [2020 UPDATE]

If you are about to fly to Canada or about to travel in Canada by flight, then you need to know about the baggage fees of Air Canada. This will help you save a lot of money on your baggage fees. There is no way that you would like to waste a huge amount of money on baggage fees. The baggage fees of Air Canada are quite standard. The baggage fees and the policy of different Canadian airline is discussed below.

Air Canada Baggage Fees

Air Canada Baggage Fees

Air Canada Carry-On Allowance

One personal item – Fee Free

  • Economy Class –50 pounds or 23 kilograms
  • Business or First Class – 70 pounds or 32 kilograms

Size Restriction

  • Personal – 17 x 13 x 6 inches or 43 x 33 x 16 cm, 36 inches or 92 centimeters
  • Standard – 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 inches or 55 x 40 x 23 centimeters, 46 inches or 18 centimeters
  • For foldable garments bags – 62 inches or 158 centimeters

Lap Infant Carry-On Policy

  • There is no baggage fee for children under the age of two.
  • The maximum weight for the infant baggage should not exceed 23 kg or 50 lb. The maximum linear dimension of the per bag is 158 cm or 62 inches.
  • Any child restraint device is not allowed in the Executive First Suite.
  • One carry-on baggage that is under 10 kg or 22 lb is allowed.


  • The stroller that you are going to use throughout the airport must be checked on the gate itself. You can use small umbrella type strollers that are small in size.
  • Any substantial and large size strollers are not allowed to check in the airport. These strollers are subjected to space limitations.
  • You can take a Formula, breast milk, baby food, and juice as carry-on baggage if you are traveling with an infant.

 Canada Checked Baggage Allowance

The standard baggage or hold luggage policy of Air Canada is quite usual. The maximum dimension of the bag should be 62 inches or 157 centimeters.

  • Economy Class: 50 pounds or 23 kg
  • Premium Economy Class: 50 pounds or 23 kg
  • Business Class: 50 pounds or 23 kg
  • First Class: 50 pounds or 23 kg
  • Free checked baggage allowances for the European fares –
  • Economy Light: 0 Free
  • Economy Classic: 1 Free 50 pounds or 23 kg
  • Economy Flex: 1 Free 50 pounds or 23 kg
  • Business Class: 2 Free 50 pounds or 23 kg

Additional or Excess Baggage Fees

You can book one item extra except the Air Canada, but the 2nd luggage that you hold, you have to book it with 225 dollars. Here are the luggage fees that Air Canada follow –

  • Canada domestic to or from the United States and to or from the Caribbean is $ 225 CA or USD extra per bag.
  • To or from Canada from any other international destinations is $ 225 CA or USD extra per bag.

 What is the Fee for oversize baggage?

For any oversized luggage, you have to pay some extra penny. The extra fees that the Air Canada charge for excess baggage are as follows.

  • Air Canada is bound to charge a minimum of $ 100.00 CA or USD extra for per bag that is in between the measurement ranges from 63 to 115 linear inches or ranges from 160 to 292 centimeters.
  • Any bags that exceed the measurement of 115 linear inches or 292 centimeters are not allowed as checked baggage or hold luggage.

However, if your luggage exceeds the size of 115 inches or 290 inches, then it will not be accepted in Air Canada at any time.

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What is the Fee for overweight baggage?

You might happen to carry some overweight baggage, for that you need to know the baggage fee for overweight luggage. The fee is here as follows.

  • For baggage weighing 51 to 70 pounds or 24 to 32 kilograms – $ 100.00 CA or USD extra per bag.
  • Any bags that exceed 70 pounds or 32 kilograms are not allowed as checked baggage or hold luggage.

Can I pre-pay for baggage?

If you have packed and realized that you have to pay for the baggage fee, then you can pay through some of the websites. However, Air Canada does not directly allow you to pre-pay your baggage fee. Paying your baggage fee beforehand will save you a lot of time and worry.

What is the list of prohibited items?

Every airline in the world prohibits some items from carrying it on the flight. The list includes –

  • Any Firearms.
  • Bows, crossbows, and arrows.
  • Slingshots or catapults.
  • Sharp items such as scissors, knives, razors.
  • Sporting bats. Brass knuckles.
  • Martial arts weapon.
  • Gels, liquid, and aerosols.

 Fees for sports equipment

Sports equipment such as golf bags, skis, hockey, fishing equipment, and lacrosse equipment are allowed in Air Canada. The weight and size limits of this equipment will be counted as one hold or checked baggage. Associated fees will be applied; these fees might vary according to the size and weight.

Here are some ways you can avoid paying for the baggage fee

If you are taking too much luggage, it will automatically add extra penny above the flight ticket cost. Thus, here are some brilliant ways you can avoid paying a bulk amount for your baggage –

  • You can go through all the baggage fees policy and rates always before you start your packing.
  • Lessen the number of baggage or luggage you are going to take on the flight.
  • Minimize the chance of taking unnecessary stuff on the flight.
  • This will automatically reduce the number of baggage fees you are paying.
  • You need to pack light items. You can also use a compression device that will fit all items in a small space.

Go through all kinds of policies of Air Canada before you plan your trip. This will help you to be on your budget as well.

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